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Dear Pinball-Enthusiast,
Playfieldaround April 2001 I saw a photograph by Marco Rossignoli, showing three bumpercaps glowing in a fascinating blue light. That was the moment I felt in love with a pinball machine called «Fathom»...

After the decision to buy a Bally Fathom there has been six months of research over the internet and in news groups, emailing, phoning and faxing people in the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Holland, Austria and Germany. In spite of everybody being helpful I recognized that information about the Fathom can be found on the net but often brief and incomplete.

After finally getting my Fathom Nr. 3195 from a local dealer in Germany it took me about 60 hours to get it working properly. During the cleaning process I more and more discovered that this machine is a real pearl: The backglass quality is superb, definitely a 10, the playfield must have been mylared since the first day – about a 9, and all the plastics are in pretty good shape – no scratches or broken pieces. Just a bit yellow as usual on a machine of that age. Beside a few scratches the cabinet is okay too, I would give it an 8.

So I decided to share the information I collected during my search and started planning a website about the Bally Fathom pinball machine.

My aim is to give the collector and the curious the best and comprehensive information available. You will find information about pinball history, about the artists who built that machine, guides for playing it, a gallery of pictures of the beautiful artwork of course, some technical stuff covering maintenance and restoration tips, a download area with game roms, flyers and score cards and a highscore and an owners list.

This web site would not exist without this great people. Special thanks to:
Bally – for manufacturing worlds best pinball machines, Greg Freres – for his brilliant artwork, Marco Rossignoli – for his great photographs, Dennis Frey – for selling me the machine, Stephen Mallion – for introducing me into pinball, Nicole – for support, Frank Oeffelke – for great tech support, Tom Haukap – for great tech support, Keith Temple – for his book, Martin Wiest – for great support, Scott Piehler – for the infos, Frank Thrun – for Pinball Paradise, Ivo Vasella – for the outlane, J.A. Balk – for software, Peter Katzmann – for the tips

 There are 152 machines on the Owners-List!!! Thank you for helping the list to grow!

 Dedicated to just one game this site is being the first listed on the link site of PinballNewsUK.

 I very proudly present an exclusive interview with Greg Freres about the Fathom.

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